Top Reasons that Why You Should Honeymoon in Cayo Coco + Tips

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Here you can read our guide on top reasons that why you should honeymoon in Cayo Coco, a fantastic honeymoon destination in Cuba. Cayo Coco is an excellent stunning subtropical island just off mainland Cuba. With soft, white sands that stretch as far as the eye can see and shallow, clear waters perfect for snorkeling and diving, Cayo Coco is truly paradise for honeymooners.

Top Reasons You Should Honeymoon in Cayo Coco

Beautiful Beaches

If you’re planning a honeymoon, there’s no better place to head than the beaches of Cayo Coco. You can’t go wrong with any of the beautiful beaches here as they all feature the virgin white sands, palm trees and azure waters that the Caribbean is famous for, but the largest is Playa Uva Caleta at 5km, perfect for a romantic stroll hand in hand through the shallows.

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Diving and Snorkelling

If you’re an adventurous couple there are water sports available on every beach and you can have a go at snorkeling or scuba diving out to the incredible coral reef that surrounds Cayo Coco. Dive into the clear, blue waters and see the colorful fish and coral that make this island such a popular destination.

Luxury Spas

After a dip in the warm waters you’ll be ready for some relaxation and there are plenty of luxury spas on Cayo Coco. Book yourself an indulgent couple’s massage at the renowned Acuavida Spa & Talaso, located just west of the hotel Villa Cayo Coco.

There’s an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, saltwater pool, and a range of fantastic facials, wraps and massages to choose from to refresh and rejuvenate, ready for the rest of your honeymoon.

Beachside Restaurants

When it comes to dining, Cayo Coco doesn’t fail to impress. With an abundance of hotel restaurants and several beachside dining places to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. One of the most popular restaurants in Cayo Coco is Lenny’s Bar & Grill, in Playa Prohibida. This rustic, Cuban-style restaurant sits right on the beach, perfect for a romantic dinner at sunset. Try the famous grilled lobster, it’s one of Cuba’s signature dishes and will keep you coming back for more every night!

Sizzling Entertainment

If you’re up for some evening entertainment, Cayo Coco’s hotels are home to some of the finest Cuban dance troupes and live bands. Head to Salsa Café, Hotel Blau Colonial’s resident club, for a traditional Cuban dance show and disco, or to The Cave, Cayo Coco’s best nightclub, for a fun night of rum-fuelled dancing.

With warm weather all year round, stunning Caribbean beaches and a spicy Latin take on entertainment; Cayo Coco should be top of your list of honeymoon destinations.