Eating Out in Limnos? (What to Eat? Best Restaurants + Advice)

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Limnos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, located by the northern part of the Aegean Sea. The island offers great opportunities and magical experience for its visitors along with its landscape full of sea and sunshine, and with delicious menus accompanied with the island’s famous wines. Here you can find insider guide on eating out opportunities in Limnos, including best places to eat, famous wines of the island.

The island is still extraordinarily unspoilt and free of mass tourism. It has has an old-school charm as well. You’ll find an ambience of tradition and simplicity, as well as superb array of restaurants that worth a visit and taste the local cuisine.

The freshly caught seafood smokes and stews from the many harbor restaurants offer gastronomy seekers some delicious fish dishes. You’ll also find some hearty meat dishes to try with local delicacies that are specific to the island.

Best Places to Eat in Limnos

Mantella Taverna

This is a traditional tavern located in a traditional village, close to Myrina. You’ll be warmed by the romantic and rustic charms of this little find. You’ll also find the famous pasta dish of Limnos here, alongside some very local dishes such as rooster, pork and rabbit that are all generously heaped on the plate.

Lemnos’ Pasta
The famous Pasta of Limnos


This is a perfect place for those who are looking for tranquillity and romance. It is located in Porto Myrina Palace. Evening diners will be serenaded and soothed by the piano performance and sample the Limnos wine. Fresh fish is the most popular dish here so choose the lobster for a real holiday treat.



Myrina is Sonialo is located between the Romeikos Seashore and the buzzing market of the island. The restaurant is as interesting one as its yard location, with a heady mix of traditional dishes and flavors and some delicious fresh caught seafood. You can try the famous Limnos wines here as well.


This is a popular fish restaurant and tavern located in along the Turkish seashore. All food is fresh here. Platters of seafood and lobsters are popular. In addition you can try the very well-known dish named kokoresti that is the guts of lamb or piglet.



This is one of the older establishments of the island coming from 80 years ago. You can have a great menu here steeped in the history of the restaurant. Diners will find great home-cooked dishes and fresh caught fish roasted on charcoal and Limnos wines. The spaghetti dishes are also great here. The ones with lobster and seafood are a must, as well as their famous fish soup named Skirpiomana.