What to Pack for Tunisia? + Traveling Advice with Tips

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Here you can read our traveler guide on things to consider before you travel to Tunisia, what to pack for your tip to Tunisia, on the Mediterranean coast of Northwest Africa. Tunisia is a stunning and exotic land filled with adventures, and any adventurer knows that exotic lands require some careful packing.

After you’ve crammed in a dozen poolside books and the all-important swimming costume, make some room for these handy items that will make your stay in Tunisia even more magical. Just don’t forget your camera!

Holiday Wardrobe

Wear loose, cotton clothing to keep you cool in the 30°C midday heat.  Warmer clothing will be needed for the cool evenings; it can drop to below 0°C at night in some areas.

You will need something to cover your arms and legs for visits to the beautiful mosques.

Ladies should dress conservatively to avoid offending the locals – so leave the miniskirts at home!

Sturdy, comfortable shoes for walking in sandy deserts and on rocky or cobbled paths. Hiking boots are your best bet as they’ll keep the sand out of your socks too!

Appropriate Accessories

Not that you’d go on holiday without them, but sunglasses are a must in glorious, sunny Tunisia.

A sunhat is essential to prevent those unwanted sunstroke headaches, particularly when riding a camel in the blazing sunshine.

A light scarf will be handy to pull over your nose and mouth when sand blows in from the desert, plus it can double up as a headscarf for women to wear when visiting mosques.

Make sure you put on some mosquito repellent in the evenings to keep those pesky bugs at bay.

The most important thing you can remember is sun cream. Sun cream is very expensive in Tunisia and while you may want a tan, no one wants the lobster look on holiday!

Handy Snacks

If you’re a coffee lover, you may want to bring your own. Tunisian coffee is very different to western coffee and you don’t want your holiday to turn into a week-long caffeine crash!

If you have children it might be wise to bring some familiar snacks for days out. In the smaller Tunisian towns you may only be able to get delicious but exotic fare, and hungry children can be a holiday nightmare.

Carry bottled water at all times. The dry desert heat is sure to dehydrate you if you’re not careful, so pack enough for the day, particularly on sightseeing trips.

Bits and Bobs

Bring copies of your regular prescriptions just in case you lose your medicine and need to get replacements. Over-the-counter medicine will come in handy too as Tunisia may not have a similar product.

Maps and guidebooks will help you plan some unforgettable outings and let you explore beautiful Tunisia like a local.

Try bartering for some exotic souvenirs at one of the colourful bazaars but make sure you carry enough cash for each day as most places in Tunisia don’t accept credit cards.

Tunisia is breathtakingly beautiful so don’t forget your camera. Make sure it has a good flash as Tunisia evenings can be very dark, you don’t want to miss any picture perfect moments.

Remember these important items and you’ll have an unforgettable holiday in Tunisia, just don’t forget to pack a smile!