What to pack for Gambia? + Traveling Advice with Tips

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

The Gambia is a real treat and surprise for many travelers. Just a six our flight away, tourists can enjoy its beautiful climate and beaches without the pain of jet lag. It’s a country full of vibrant African culture and truly worth a trip. Rich in beautiful red earth, rare and bright birds, and its hospitality that means tourists will want to return again and again.

But what to pack for this hot country, blowing red dust and soil? It’s important to know that The Gambia is a Muslim country. However, it is fairly liberal in its attitude to dress codes, so both men and women can wear shorts and t-shirts when walking around.

It is worth noting that the red soil and dust can get on clothes, so bear that in mind when bringing more luxurious garments. A wardrobe of light fabrics and linen is advised to keep cool against the heavy, inland heat. Long sleeves are also very necessary to protect against mosquito bites.

In terms of toiletries, sun tan lotion is a must and tourist are advised to bring any special and particular brands of creams and lotions they use – brand names will differ in The Gambia and it might be harder to find what you’re looking for. Likewise, do bring all your prescriptions with you.

Shops should sell what you need, but any preferences should be brought from home. Insect repellent and soothing lotion for bites is also highly recommended. It is very likely that tourists will suffer the bite of a few hungry mosquitoes on holiday in The Gambia.

Because of this, one of the most important items to take along is medication for malaria. It is a serious business getting sick and entirely avoidable –so prepare in advance and save yourself a horrible time. Similarly, tummy upsets area common occurrence. The local stomach upset is ‘Banjul Belly’ and travelers should being lots of dehydration tablets to sooth and mend this well-known travelers tummy bug in case they have a spell of it when away.

The country doesn’t offer sightings of the big-game animals, so don’t expect to come across lions and tigers and bears. However, The Gambia boasts approximately 200 rare and exotic birds and tourists might want to bring binoculars to really make the most of this fascinating opportunity to spot these rarest creatures in a natural setting.

The hospitality is especially warm and inviting in The Gambia – some might be lucky enough to be invited to homes for a traditional fish meal. Tourists may feel like repaying the friendships extended to travelers by leaving clothes behind – it is a welcome gesture. Let the hotel know if you do and keep in mind that football shirts are a favorite, apparently.