The Best Water Sports Activities to Try in Cape Verde + Tips

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Cape Verde is found off the coast of West Africa, a world of islands all ripe and bursting with thrill and fun. It has an  all-year-round warm climate, so there is always a good time to visit –  and with direct flights from the UK it’s a perfect destination for lone travelers and families. Its shores are especially perfect for those looking for water-based adventures. Here you can find the best water sports activities in Cape Verde, including the best spots to windsurf, kitesurf, etc.

Diving, Cape Verde

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are two activities that go hand-in-hand and are an excellent way of incorporating the ocean into your holiday, catering for both novice and expert. Sal is a great island to start snorkeling in, offering a treasure chest of animals and sea-sights. The waters offer loggerhead turtles, a dazzling reef and sparkling fish that dart through the water.

For those who are interested in something more robust and rigorous, Cape Verde is home to some fantastic surf and swell. In fact, Ponta Preta is a said to be one of the best breaks in the whole world. With a picture-perfect beach to lie back and relax on, it’s a blissful spot to both play in the water and to sit back and watch the professionals.

The best months for the best swell are December and January – outside the peak holiday season. For those who are starting out on their boards, Santa Maria, found to the south of Sal Island, throws up some dinkier waves if you’re not too experienced.

Cape Verde, Snorkelling

Boa Vista offers ideal conditions for windsurfers, especially between October and June. The Boa Vista Wind Club has set up camp in Tortuga Beach, run by ex-windsurfer, Francois Guy. With a mix of calm and lively waters, the club caters for experts and beginners.  The rental fee for windsurfing equipment and a day’s insurance is 70 euros.

More information on prices can be found at their website –

Kite surfers are treated to sublime conditions too. Cape Verde’s Sal and Boavista give surfers two ideal spots for starting out or honing already established skills. The long beaches of Praia da Chaves on Boavista and Ponta Preta on Sal are particularly good for throwing up some especially tough rides.

Wind Surfing, Cape Verde

The company, Cape Verde Choice offer a wide range of ocean adventures to experience on holiday. One of their highlights is a 5 Unique Dives trip that includes a week’s stay in Hotel Morabeza, situated close to the dive center where much of the holiday will take pace

There are 16 dives to choose from that include exciting forages from caves, wrecks and sandy drop-offs. The price for 7 nights starts from £174.22.

Cape Verde is a magical, vibrant destination, full of beautiful islands, sunshine and beaches that boast some real beauty and offer a whole world of fun.  From beginners to experts and for families in between, it is a place that captures all kinds of imaginations and offers adventures to all.