The Ultimate Santa Cruz Carnival Tenerife + Survival Guide

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

If you’re heading to Tenerife for the world famous Santa Cruz Carnival, you’re in for a serious treat. But before you go, make sure you’ve done a little planning so you can enjoy the vibrant sights and sounds of this lively event to its fullest.

Plan Ahead

Get your planning hat on and make sure you’re prepared – carnival is a pretty big deal. From the incredible parades to live music, stalls and shows, there’s so much going on at carnival it’s best to decide beforehand what you want to see and to find out where and when everything is. While you can’t fit it all in, you don’t want to miss your favorite part!

The night before the big day, make sure you get a healthy meal and enough sleep so you’ve got plenty of energy to keep up with the locals – they’ll be going all day and night.

Pack like a Pro

Once you’re in amongst the lively crowds of carnival, there’ll be no popping back to the hotel – unless you want to waste a couple of hours! So make sure you’ve packed everything you need before leaving.

You’ll need sunglasses and a hat to avoid that hot Canarian sun, plenty of water unless you plan on spending a small fortune – dancing all day makes for thirsty work! You’ll of course want to bring a camera to capture all the vibrant memories, and your all-important costume – but we’ll discuss that in the next point.


Go for Killer Costumes

Carnival is the place to dress up and let your wild side run free. Make like the brightly adorned carnival girls and indulge in beads, glitter, face paints and feathers galore – the more the merrier.

Carnival has an ‘anything goes’ atmosphere so think outside the box and wear whatever makes you feel good. If you want to jazz up a bikini with some sparkles and nothing else, go for it, you’re on holiday!

Mask Carnival

Stick Together

There’s nothing worse than losing all your friends or family and spending the next couple of hours searching for them instead of enjoying the event. To avoid this, stick together!

Plan ahead and incorporate a matching item to your costumes. For example, you could all wear the same brightly-coloured hats or headdresses which are easy to spot if you lose a member of your group.


Stay hydrated

Probably one of the most important points on this list – drink lots of water. The temperatures will be soaring, particularly with the masses of tightly-packed people, flowing rum punch, and not forgetting all the dancing! If you want to make sure you last all day, stay hydrated.


Have Fun!

Of course, all these tips are nothing without the main one – have fun! You’re on holiday and it’s carnival! Go with the flow, let your hair down and get in the mood for dancing – Tenerife carnival is one of the happiest places around!