Top 3 Picturesque Villages in Kefalonia, Greece (What to Expect?)

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Kefalonia is one of Greece’s most spectacular island and a favourite for tourists flocking to its of romantic and magical villages. For visitors to the island, it is worth noting that many of Kefalonia’s villages were turned to rubble by a significant earthquake in the 1950s.

Many houses and public buildings were destroyed, apart from one: Fiscardo. This village can be found on the north side of the island and is admired for its original coloured walls and harbour view. However, those villages caught in the earthquake have been rebuilt in Kefalonia’s characterful and colourful style.


Introduction to the Villages of Kefalonia


the original village of Kefalonia, Fiscardo is understandably a treasure of the island. Idyllic and romantic, it attracts yachts to the dock, dotting the feet of the village’s brightly coloured houses. Expect the traditional and soothing Greek staples of pines and olive trees, with the blissful absence of cars.

They are banned from the walk to the harbour. Swimming is a welcome treat, from the rocks to the bay. This is a tranquil escape and holiday goers can luxuriate in old-style Kefalonia and all her charms. Another pretty little village is Assos Kefalonia, 36 km north of Argostil, the capital of Kefalonia. With only one hundred villagers it is a quaint and quiet, shadowed beautifully by the ruins of 16th century Venetian castle. Much like Fiscardo, the village’s traditional charms of pebble beaches, old churches and bright, pastel houses make it a charming getaway spot.



A coastal town worth investigating is Sami, 24 km from the capital of Kefalonia, Argostili. Larger than Assos Kefalonia, this village has about 1000 inhabitants and the dominant occupation is fishing. Sami is a huge and active port in Kefalonia (second to Argostili).

There is a beautiful waterfront, teamed with Venetian buildings which give Sami a faded and rustic beauty. For tourists it is perfect, a gorgeous taste of Greek island culture and a chance to sit on the coastal road sipping coffees and sampling the fresh fish. The village offers some fascinating monasteries and caves for tourists to explore. There is also the option of visiting in a private yacht to get the most of a swim in the warm waters of Kefalonia.


Lixouri City


For a modern twist to old Greek village life, Lixouri is an interesting stop. The second largest town in Kefalonia, it was historically headquarters for the Venetians. It has been transformed in recent times and has a very different charm to the more ornate and traditional villages of Kefalonia.

Migrants have returned to the country and because of an influx of students, Lixouri feels like a very modern European city. Thanks to some new funding, the town has been built up and includes a cobbled square with a new theatre. There are also some beautiful beaches to the south and across the mountains a car drive can take you to the monastery of Kipourion.