Top 5 Best Restaurants in Preveza, Greece

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Preveza is situated in North West Greece and it is part of the region of Epirus. Like most Greece cities, Preveza is full of history, culture and a lot of fun. Greek cuisine is world-renowned for its flavours and unique, fresh tastes. A trip to Preveza is bound to tantaliseyour taste buds and here are some of the best eateries in the region. Enjoy!

1. O Kaixis, Parthengogiou

This restaurant is located on the coast, right by the harbour in Preveza, and it is regularlyfrequented by both locals and tourists alike. It is well-known in the area for producingsizzling menus that entice its visitors to return again and again. The interior of the restauranthas a mermaid theme and the speciality changes daily – they cook fish straight from the sea.

2. Mariposa Restaurant, Agiou Georgiou

This restaurant is located in the perfect spot as it overlooks the entrance to the AmvrakikosGulf, which is the beautiful stretch of sea Preveza sits on. The food here is slightly differentfrom the type of Greek food you may usually be served and is more northern European thanyou might expect. It’s the quality that makes Mariposa so great – all the ingredients areexceptional. Dine here late evening so you can watch the sun go down.

3. Faei Kairos, Lefkada Town

This lovely eatery is located on the eastern waterfront. Lefkada town is particularly pretty andit’s a lovely walk to the restaurant from the coastal area. Faei Kairos specialises in quitetraditional Greek and south Mediterranean food. The spetsofaï (local sausage in a tomatosauce) is exceptionally good, as is the rigamato (pork in cream and oregano sauce.)

4. Skaloma, Lygia Fishing Harbour

This restaurant is quite off the beaten track in the small Lygia Fishing Harbour. This is afantastic place to visit at night as the harbour is completely lit up and the sea twinkles.Watch the sun go down as you enjoy delicious food and the local wine. The value for moneyhere is fantastic and it serves up very traditional Greek fare – expect lamb dishes, bold saladsand stuffed vine leaves.

5. To Tempelxaneio, Andrianoupoleos

The food here is excellent and very reasonably priced. The hosts are great here and therestaurant is family run. They serve up very traditional Greek food here, like courgettes balls,tzaziki and salads and the wine list is extensive.