Top 10 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Miami (Insider Advice Guide)

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Miami is often tipped to be Florida’s ‘jewel’ in the crown. There’s good reason for that as there’s something for everyone here. Fans of Dexter will excited to know that the TV series was set and filmed here as well as many other TV shows. As soon as you touch down in Miami airport it really will feel like you’ve arrived on a film set. Families will love Miami as there’s plenty for children and parents alike to do. Here’s just top ten things you can spend doing.

1. Miami Zoo

This is a fully open air museum and there’s a real emphasis on education and conversation here. Kids will love the camel rides and giraffe feeding station! You can see more than 500 different animal species here and there’s over 100 actual exhibits. The zoo is well-known in the conversation world for a couple of zoological feats including when the resident Komodo dragon gave birth to 27 little dragons!

2. Fairchild Tropical Garden

This is one the whole family will enjoy. This tropical garden is full of stunning botanical plants and flowers which the kids can run through and enjoy looking at and smelling. There’s a rainforest here as well as a fun butterfly garden and also an edible garden – do you dare to taste the plants?

3. Miami Children’s Museum

Visiting a museum is often a good idea when the Miami sun is very hot as temperatures can soar sky high. This Children’s Museum is designed specifically for children and is a real learning playground. Here children can practice everyday skills like banking, food and shopping. Really keen little ones can even try their hand at recording music. There’s plenty of active opportunities here too like rock climbing and limbo dancing. They’ll leave exhausted – great!

4. History Miami

This is a fantastic museum that gives visitors a real insight into the history of Miami. It celebrates the city’s cultural diversity and the exhibits explain more than 10,000 years of immigration. The museum is a fun one to go around and will keep children entertained as there’s more than 30 coach and bus tours that go around the museum and nearby parks.

5. Miami Aquarium

A great day out, the Miami Aquarium is famous for one particular resident: Lolita the killer whale. Fully trained, Lolita performs at the aquarium all year round and is unbelievable to watch. She’s often joined by white-sided dolphins who also perform in front of crowds. There’s also manatees, alligators, turtles and sharks here.

6. Jaxson’s Ice cream Parlour

Located on Dania Beach, this is one of the best ice cream parlours around. Family run, Jaxson’s have been making their own ice cream for years. It’s not just ice cream that they sell but traditional American cuisine that hot dogs and grits. Definitely try the sundaes – don’t worry, you’ll swim them off at the beach after.

7. Jungle Island

One of Miami’s top attractions, this used to be known as Parrot Jungle and was famous for its large variety of birdlife. The island recently developed into Jungle Island and now visitors can come and see all manner of animals. Great fun, the animals available to see here are the types that kids will love spotting! Think tigers, lions, lemurs and orang-utans. The islands still boasts its original parrots and you can actually feed them. They make very colourful photos!


Jungle Island Tiger – Miami

8. Bus tours

If you’re short on time then it is worth while taking a bus tour. Open top, kids will love traversing through the city on a big bus. You’ll get to see all of Miami’s major landmarks; from the beaches to the city. Sights you might see include: Freedom Tower, Biltmore hotel and the Vizcaya Museum.

9. Crandon Park Beach

This beach is attached is Crandon Boulevard and is two miles of thick, glorious white sand. The setting itself is serene and there’s a large lagoon which will feel like you’ve just stepped into a Disney movie. There’s an Amusement Centre at the nearby park, which will keep the children entertained after they’ve finished swimming, complete with an outdoor skating rink, carousel and playground.

10. Biscayne National Park

This park is minutes from downtown Miami and is relatively quiet and peaceful. The focus here is on marine life and the park certainly showcases an impressive amount of it. The waters here are protected and you can snorkel between the coral reefs, ride glass-bottom boats and even kayak.