Top 4 The Most Romantic Destinations in Spain + Romance Advice

Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Here you can erad our guide on the most romantic destinations in Spain, from Barcelona, Madrid to Galica and Granada, a mix of high passion places. Spain is one of the perfect places in the world to propose to your significant other. The country is also affordable and each region is very different. You can travel from San Sebastian in the north to Seville in the south and feel like you’re in an entirely different country; from old architectural wonders leftover from eras past to modern yet magical city views.

The Most Romantic Destinations in Spain

1. Barcelona

If you’ve seen this romantic comedy you’ll know how much passion one city can inspire. Often tipped as the most beautiful city in Spain, Barcelona was made for lovers. A walk around the old town, past Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia church and down the famous, cobbled Las Ramblas will get hearts fluttering.

Region: Catalonia

Best for: Couples who like architecture, sculpture, modern cities, seafood

Most romantic spot: Montserrat Mountains and Monastery. Just one hour from central Barcelona lies one of Spain’s biggest natural attractions. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery as you climb the mountains up towards the Black Virgin of Montserrat. Magnificent rock formations and panoramic views will make this a forgettable experience.

Black Virgin of Montserrat
Black Virgin of Montserrat

2. Madrid

Every madrileño will tell you that the Spanish capital is, of course, the only place to propose. Filled with tradition and echoes of old Spain, Madrid’s streets are filled with laughter and the traditional Spanish way of life. There’s a reason Madrid is the capital, it has everything. A walk from Puerta del Sol to the famous Plaza Mayor will instill you with all the courage you need to ask those four little words…

Region: Madrid has its own region

Best for: Couples who like art, plenty of history, cycling (hire a bike from one of the many bike stations), traditional experiences

Most romantic spot: Parque del Retiro. This park lies practically next to world famous Prado museum. One of the best parks in Spain, El Retiro benefits from its size (plenty of peace and quiet) and also has flower gardens and an impressive glass palace. Pick a shady spot and let the setting do the work for you.

Parque del Retiro
Parque del Retiro

3. Galicia

Located in northwest Spain, Galicia is famous among Spaniards for a couple of reasons: the food and the scenery. Tipped to serve the best food in Spain (mainly seafood), Galicia is a region where many Spanish will opt to spend their holidays. Quiet and relaxing, time spent here will calm any pre-question nerves.

Region: Galicia

Best for: Couples who enjoy food, the outdoors, peace and quiet

Most romantic spot: The Galician Springs. These are a group of hot springs set among the beautiful and hilly scenery of Galicia. Some of these springs have been converted into private spas. Take some time out to bathe in the hot springs and dine at one of the many restaurants nearby.

4. Granada

Granada is incredibly different from the rest of Spain. Very south, the city is heavily influenced by the Moors who lived there many centuries ago. They built a city that would look more at home in North Africa; the architectural style is ornate, patterned and intricate. A trip to Granada is definitely like nothing else.

Region: Andalucía

Best for: Couples who enjoy the heat (Granada gets very hot in summer), old cities, architecture, history

Most romantic spot: Many consider Granada to be the most romantic place in Andalucía. If one spot was going to be chosen it would have to be just outside the famous Alhambra Castle. Built during the 1300 by the Moors, this castle is easily the most romantic spots in Spain.

Alhambra Castle
Alhambra Castle