The Most Amazing Waterfalls in Bulgaria + Local Advice

Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Bulgaria seems to remain a hidden gem, offering an overlooked landscape full of forests, mountain and some incredibly stirring waterfalls. Because it hasn’t been a main stop for European holidays until fairly recently, Bulgaria has retained its gorgeous rustic charms, away from the clutches of mass tourism.

This means its waterfalls are still very much a wilderness of their own. If travelling in Europe, a trip to Bulgaria’s majestic natural wonders is a must.

Krushuna’s waterfalls

The first of the many waterfalls that’s worth a visit into is the Skakavitsa Waterfall that stands about 70 metres high. It has a star status in Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains with a flow that sweeps wildly from the eastern slope of the Kabul Peak. It is probably best avoided in the winter because the waterfall freezes over – but in spring in returns to peak form.

The melting snow only adds to the great cascading torrents that will take your breath away.You can get there in half an hour from Shakvitsa Hut in Rila National Park. Or by bus or train to Dupnitsa, then a local bus to Sapareva Banya, followed by an intrepid and rewarding four-hour hike from the town via Pionerska Hut.

Make sure to seek out The Canyon of Waterfalls, a spellbinding blur of 46 individual waterfalls that tumble and fall in spectacular fashion.  Orpheus, its highest, climbs to almost 70 metres. The name lends these waterfalls mythic status and it is deserved – they are as if created by the gods.

Those hungry for folklore will enjoy the rumour that Orpheus lived in the Rhodope Mountains, where the waterfalls are.  The waterfalls can be found by the Elenska River, threaded together by a trail. It will take about four hours to walk alongside the waterfalls but is with every step. The Canyon of Waterfalls begins on the outskirts of Smolyan and there are regular bus services linking Smolyan to Bulgaria’s bigger cities.

When in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, head up to the mountains and to the beautiful Boyana Waterfall, by Vitosha.  When the spring season starts, this waterfall can be seen from Sofia, flowing and falling in the middle of green forest and foothills.

A 64 bus from Hladilnika bus station will take you to Boyana and it’s a two hour hike from there. It’s a smaller, more modest waterfall than some of the others but no less striking. From the capital it offers a great, easy and fulfilling day trip for tourists.

Boyana Waterfall