Top 5 Best Restaurants in Sousse, Tunisia + Local Tips

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Here you can find our pick of the best restaurants in Sousse, Tunisia. One of the greatest attractions of Sousse, in the north-east of Tunisia, is the cuisine. Balancing your trip, whether visiting ancient ruins, enjoying the nightclubs or simply relaxing on the beach in the Mediterranean climate, with just the right dish you can really enhance your holiday experience.

Old market in Medina de Tunis

La Marmite

If you’re a fan of seafood, then La Marmite is certainly a place worth looking into. Though considered a little expensive comparatively for the region, the general view is that the fresh fish dishes are worth the extra cost. The restaurant itself it quite cosy, and so is perhaps best visited if travelling as a couple or in small groups. La Marmite is well known for its comfortable atmosphere, with many locals making it their hangout of choice.
Price: c. £40 for three courses.

The Best Restaurants in Sousse


As you might guess from the name, L’Escargot is a traditional French restaurant specialising in such dishes as filet mignon, lam au romarin and, of course, l’escargots. The restaurant has a 1940s feel to it, with a lovely outdoor dining area should the weather fit your mood. The restaurant has a genuinely unique offering in Sousse, enough that booking at weekends is a must.

Price: c. £20 to £30 for three courses.


The Sendai Restaurant is one of five in the Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse, and focuses on Japanese dishes. Of particular interest is the Teppanyaki style of cooking, where chefs will cook your meal in front of you on an iron griddle, giving a sense of performance to your dining experience.

The restaurant décor is fairly simple, with artistic pieces in traditional Japanese style adorning the walls. The menu ranges from sushi to teppanyaki, with the restaurant divided into two halves to fit your preference for the evening.

Price range: £30 – £50 for three courses, and the restaurant can be booked at no extra cost as part of a package deal if staying at the Mövenpick.


Legends is a good option for a more active atmosphere, generally attracting a more youthful crowd. The restaurant is well regarded, though special praise reserved for the cocktails available from the bar.

It should be noted that Legends is branded as a sports bar (though very much an upmarket one), regularly showing live sports, so depending upon the evening you wish to have it may be worth being strategic about the times you choose to visit. There is an outdoor area for diners, which may be worth considering if not much of a sports fan.

Price range: £15 – £25 for a meal

El Khella

For those looking for an authentic Tunisian experience, El Khella is the place to go. Situated just inside the Medina, El Khella looks a little unassuming from the outside, but travelers are drawn in by the ambiance and decoration, with a menu consisting of a variety of dishes with innovate mixes of spices and flavors.

The restaurant is considered to be very welcoming, and regularly receives praise as *the* place you can’t afford to miss on your dining adventures in Sousse.

Price range: £15 – £25 for a meal