Top 4 Best Day Trips & Excursions from Bodrum + Tips

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Here you can read our guide on the best day trips and great excursions from Bodrum in Turkey, best tours with local expert help advice. Bodrum, located in southern Turkey, is well-known for its versatility of great nightlife, ancient history, cultural attractions, food and marine life. There’s plenty to be found in this city, including the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Bodrum Castle, the ruins of Pedasa and an ancient amphitheater.

Travelers seeking adventure will love Bodrum for the many day trips offered by the various hotels and excursion agencies. There really is something for everyone, so here’s a pick of the best day trips can you expect to make – don’t forget, though, when you return from an exhausting day out to indulge in a relaxing Turkish bath!


Distance: 30 mins
Price: Expect to spend up to 75 euros for two people

Gümüşlük is a seaside village and fishing port in Turkey located in Myndos which is an ancient city. You can see the remains of the Myndos Gate which are just off the main road which has ties all the way back to Alexander the Great.


The ancient city’s foundations can be seen under the stretch of water that leads to Rabbit Island – a popular port where you can relax and watch the boats come in. There are fragments of the ancient city scattered all around the island and you can spot the old ruins in the knee-high water! Because of its history, Gümüşlük is protected against any developments but there aren’t any rules against enjoying the clear beaches, diving or snorkelling!


Distance: Approximately 3-4 hours
Price: Expect to spend up to 150 euros for two people

A visit to Ephesus is simply a must. It is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world and fans of ancient history will flock here at their earliest convenience. We say earliest because it is a long day out, usually you’ll be picked up around 6am and arrive at 11am.


But it’s worth the journey! Ephesus is breath taking and you’ll be transported back to when the Ionians inhabited the city back in the 10th century BC. Expect to see the famous temple of Artemis, who was the city’s main goddess, House of the Virgin Mary, Hadrian’s Gate, Basilica of Saint John and the old gymnasium.

Boat trips around the Bodrum coastline

Distance: 1 hour
Price: Expect to spend up to 100 euros for two people

Nothing says holiday like a boat trip! Bodrum’s coastline is stunning; very rich in colour with jagged rocks and bright trees. All contrasted against the clear, turquoise sea. You can really only experience how beautiful it is by visiting the various bays by boat. Go with a tour guide who will tell you where you can (safely) jump into the waters to swim and snorkel.

There are plenty of fish and other marine life to see and back on the boat you’ll soon dry off while enjoying the Bodrum sun. A particularly good spot to visit by boat is Black Island. Here you can take a dip in the warm mineral waters that pass between the rocks and are famed for their medicinal benefits.


Distance: Approximately 2-3 hours
Price: Expect to spend up to 150 euros for 2 people

You’d be mad not to visit neighbouring Dalyan when in Bodrum. You’ll meander through the city by boat, visiting Iztuzu Beach which is famous for its nesting Caretta, otherwise known as Sea Turtles. If you’re visiting between May and September then there’s a high chance you will see them.

Next, there are the sulphur baths where you’re invited to cake yourself in sulphur-rich mud first and then wash yourself off in the nearby hot springs. This is quite a different experience but its fun and once you get going (and see everyone doing the same!) then you’ll soon forget how odd it is! Remember to wear a swim suit underneath your clothes.


Next up, head to Caunos, the ancient city that you can reach again by boat. Caunos is famous for the tombs that are cut into the high rocks – some of the best views you’ll see on this day trip will be from the boat looking up at them. Truly magnificent, they are quite humbling to see.

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