Top 3 Best Beaches in Santorini with Local Advice + Video Tour

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Here you can find our pick of top best beaches in Santorini, one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Santorini is a breath taking and very beautiful destination especially for the ones looking for a great beach or family holidays in Greece. The resort is home to shining white houses that are all set against the excellent sunsets and picturesque landscapes.

Santorini has fantastic beaches of this island that are all famed for their volcanic rocks and pebbles. And it stands after blankets of black and red to enjoy. Santorini is also famous for its sunsets that will allow holidaymakers end up swimming and sunbathing with this magical experience.

Best Beaches in Santorini

Red Beach

Red beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Santorini where you’ll find yourself walking towards a striking strip of black, red and volcanic pebbles here. The sea also has hot waters.

Red Beach

The beach attracts its visitors not only for its volcanic rubble, but also it is situated close to the famous ancient site of Akrotiti. You can have a walking tour here while snorkelling also available. You’ll definitely like this beach with red and black rock, with the white washed houses at the background.

Red beach Video Tour

Cape Columbo

Cape Columbo beach is a quiet beach and some far away. The beach has a rugged landscape, and has rocks around. The very attractive red cliffs offer the beach look fantastic and the warm waters make this secluded spot a popular place for the beachgoers.

The beach is also a perfect hideaway for couples looking for a secret or romantic spot. Note that you will not able to find a cafe nearby, so that you should bring your own refreshments.

Kamari beach

Kamari beach is one of the most famous beach resorts on Santorni and the beach of the resort is completely covered by black sand. There is a large rock named Mesa Vouno and it rises rises from the sea, where travelers enjoy taking photos. The beach is lively during the night.


From water sports activities to sunbeds, you’ll find lots of beach activities and amenities to choose from at the Kamari beach. You’ll also find wide range of hotels, cafes, bars and beach clubs as well.

Kamari Beach Video Tour