Top 5 Best Beaches in Cyprus with Local Advice + Video Tour

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Cyprus is well known for its sun and sand, so if you’re a fan of the beach it’s an ideal venue for you to visit. Below we put together the top 5 best beaches in Cyprus, including beach services, photos, water sports, advice, what to expect plus video tour.


First on the list is Episkopi, which is on the southern coast of the island near Limassol, Kourion and Akrotiri. A day at the beach here, which is virtually half-pebble, half-sand, is best combined with a trip to one of the many restaurants in the nearby village of Episkopi, where you’ll find a number of excellent fresh seafood dishes due to the region’s prominent fishing community.

The Bay of Episkopi is also where, if you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of various species of turtle, form the area is a regular nesting ground.

Episkopi Beach
Episkopi Beach

Kamara Tou Sungarden

To the east, in the Ayia Napa region, is Kamara Tou Sungarden. This is one for lovers of the contrast of nature, where the beach’s sands are complimented by the rocky outcrops jutting out of the ocean just off the coast, providing an oddly juxtaposed feeling to the area.

The waters here are of a stunning blue, and the additional benefit of visiting the beach here is the ability to watch the sun set right down as it seemingly disappears into the ocean itself.


One of Cyprus’ more well-known beaches is Konnos, which sits right on the border between the Ayia Napa and Paralimni regions. The bay is extremely calm, and has a number of rock pools and snorkelling areas to explore along its 200m spread.

The hills behind provide a green backdrop for the beach to rest against, and there are a number of restaurants and shops to escape to in the adjacent town if you fancy a break from the sands.

Konnos Beach
Konnos Beach


Pissouri is one of the more active beaches in Cyprus, with families and water-sport enthusiasts alike attracted to its striking setting and waters providing excellent opportunities to snorkel, swim and windsurf.

At 2km in length the beach is long enough to fit the multitude of sunbathers stretched across its sands, many of whom visit from Paphos, Limassol and other nearby regions. Cape Aspro surrounds the beach with its white cliffs, which give it a distinct feeling among Cyprian beaches.

Pissouri Beach
Pissouri Beach


Skoutari is an extremely narrow beach in the Kapparis resort, but while the encroaching waters may put off some sunbathers, this is actually an excellent bay in which to teach the kids to swim, or to take a cool dip yourself.

To find Skoutari you need to head to the east of the island, just north of the Ayia Napa region, to Paralimni. The bay is also a nice area to walk around, with its natural shelter calming the seas and providing some cool breezes beneath the sun.

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