Shopping in India (What to Buy? Must Have Souvenirs + Advice)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Here you can read our insider guide on the shopping opportunities in India, including what to buy advice, must have souvenirs, spices, jewelry, etc. A trip to India is as much about bringing back a piece of its multitude of cultures as it is exploring the cities and monuments, but with so much choice how to do you choose the absolute must-haves to fit into your suitcase for the trip home?


To find incense in India, just follow your nose. You’ll never be more than about 100 feet from a street vendor selling incense, so you can very easily pick some up to add a little scent of Indian to your own home.



Gold is the metal of choice for the majority of India’s jewellery, but if you’re a bigger fan of silver then you can find a number of bracelets, necklaces and the like in Rajasthan. Another big feature of the jewellery in India is that it is rarely made of just one thing; turquoise, rubies and amber are all regularly used, among others, to bring a dynamic and colorful feel to the adornments. Just be sure to check it’s the real thing!

Stuff India

Pashminas and shawls

Indian silk is a real treasure, and the pashminas and shawls here are often made of that very same material. That being said, these can and are in fact made of a number of different materials, such as cashmere wool and cotton; you can generally tell the quality and authenticity of the material from the price you’re offered.

Pashminas and shawls

The fashions are something to bring your attire to life, with all mixtures of colors available from purples and greens to oranges and blues.


If you’re a keen chef, or just want to try out some of your favorite dishes for yourself, then be sure to pick up some Indian spices from any of the markets you encounter.

Indian colorful spices at Anjuna flea market in Goa, India

Indian is, of course, known for the kick some of its spices add to a good curry, but there are plenty more discoveries out there to find with more subtle, gentle hints that round off nice fish, lamb and vegetable dishes as well. Be careful not to overload yourself, though – with the sheer volume of spices available it’s easy to get carried away!


Another very simple souvenir to grab is Indian tea, of which there are countless varieties. You can get these from just about anywhere, with Assam, Nilgiri and Darjeeling teas the jewels in the crown. You can often find tourist packs already made up of the best selections as well.