Top Best Attractions for Families in Salzburg

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Salzburg is a superb location for a family holiday. The city a jewel of Austria, its fourth largest city and popular for its being the birthplace of Mozart and for its baroque architecture and historic streets. Since Salzburg is a great choice especially for couples and culture-vultures, it also offers great attractions for families. Here you can find information on the best attractions for families in Salzburg, just a handful of fun ways to see the fun side of the city.


Best Attractions for Families in Salzburg

You can find wide range of activities to do on your Salzburg visit, from shows to swimming pools.

Salzburg Marionette Theater

This great historic building has put on great shows since 1913, when the sculptor, Professor Anon Aicher, put on Mozart’s opera, Bastien and Bastienne.

Since then it has survived the war and can boast a great repertoire from Mozart to Shakespeare and every fairy story that are all told through the peculiar beauty of marionettes.

The venue is an awesome entertainment for kids as well as a spectacle that will impress families.

Freibad Leopolskron

This is lovely place with outdoor swimming pools and a beautiful lake that allows a perfect day out for families, especially in Spring and Summer times. You’ll find a variety of pools for kids with breath-taking scenery.

In addition, the looming beauty of the Schloss Leopoldskron,the rococo palace is also visible in the distance as families and kids alike will get a dose of culture as they hit the water slides of the pool.

Spielzeug Museum

This is a fantastic toy museum worth a visit with kids and a great place for a family trip. The sensory development here attracts the visitors and encourage them to interact with toys designed for play.

The ground floor offers shows off marble tracks, building blocks and Bobby cars where older children can delight in the role-play fun at the grocery shop on the first floor.

You’ll also find a shadow room and labyrinth and to the joy of parents and children alike, historic models trains run on a train layout over 12 metres long.

Schloss Hellbrun

This is a 17th century palace once belonged to Archbishop, Markus Sittikus. The palace itself is huge and impressively lavish in its décor and an attraction in its own right.

Hellbrunn, Vienna

However, for families who want to lure their young kids to the palace, the secrets and gimmicks of the garden should impress them.

The Archbishop used to set secret jets of water in seats and grottos for when he had company. The guides still do the same, and so the visitors can expect some fun surprises as they take in the grounds.