Top Reasons to Visit Naples, Italy (Why you should visit Naples?)

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Here you can read about on the top reasons why Naples is truly a cool city to visit, to help you make up your mind if you consider visiting Naples as your next destination. The south-west city of Naples is home to some of the most fascinating, beautiful and delicious sights in all of Italy. The people like their traditions unusual, their art breath-taking and their coffee strong.

Top Reasons to Visit Naples

They have some fascinating traditions

Neapolitans have some seriously unusual and interesting traditions such as the cult of the dead which involves “adopting” skulls or ‘capuzzelle’ as they’re known in Naples. Families and sometimes even strangers bring gifts of flowers, jewellery or clothes to the city’s hypogea (underground tombs) and even build little wooden house for the bones.

In return, the dead are said to protect the gift givers and grant them favours! You can see this centuries old tradition at the Catacombe di San Gaudioso or the Cimitero delle Fontanelle, where over 40,000 skulls are homed.



They make a mean coffee

Naples is the home of espresso, that strong, dark shot of goodness that we Brits seem to never get right. The coffee shops in Naples really know how to make a good brew.

Most of the machines are ancient, lever-powered antiques but what comes out is pure, coffee bean bliss. For a fantastic rich, Italian roast grab a seat at Gran Caffé Gambrinus, the most famous literary café in Naples, many famous intellectuals and politicians have graced its ornate Belle Époque-style interior. They do some incredible Italian pastries too.

The art is out of this world

The famous 15-16th century artist Caravaggio left some of Italy’s finest pieces of art in beautiful Naples. There are three of his renowned paintings to visit in Naples, the Seven Acts of Mercy, a beautiful, brooding oil painting which hangs in the stunning Pio Monte della Misericordia chapel, the amazingly lifelike portrait of Christ, The Flagellation, in the Capodimonte Museum, and The Martyrdom of St Ursula, which is in the Banca Intesa Sanpaolo on Via Toledo.

And if you’re more into your modern art, check out the sophisticated T293 museum on Via Tribunali.

Naples Pizza

Pizza and ice cream comes guilt-free

If you love bad food done well, you’ll be in fast food heaven in Naples. The home of pizza and gelato, Naples has more than its fair share of delicious treats.

For a taste of true Neapolitan pizza, dine at Sorbillo, one of the best in town. Their tiny establishment produces incredible soft dough and a great range of fresh ingredients perfect for lunch. Or if you’re looking for an evening out, Al Faretto has a romantic outdoor terrace overlooking the bay.

For ice cream that you’ll all scream for, head to the artisan chocolatiers and mecca for gelato, Gay-Odin, where you can taste heaven in the form of their rich chocolate gelato – now if that doesn’t make Naples the coolest city, we don’t know what will!