5 Days in Grenoble: An Ideal Itinerary with Local Expert Help

Last Updated on January 2, 2022

If you are looking for how to spend 5 days in Grenoble, France, than you can read our insider guide with useful tips, five-day itinerary, places to visit in Grenoble in 5 days, taking in the most important sights and top attractions of the city. Grenoble is not somewhere you can see in just one day. It makes far more sense to take an entire week off from work, and use every one of those days exploring the city and surrounding regions instead of slaving away at the daily grind.

5 Days In Grenoble

Day One

Musée de Grenoble

Once you reach Grenoble it makes sense to get a little feel for the city and its history, so take a casual trip to the Musée de Grenoble for a little background before you really get your teeth into your trip.

French Alps

Audio guides are available for just €2, and are a useful investment so that you can fully appreciate the various arts pieces on display, which date from anywhere between the 17th and 20th Centuries.

Fromagerie des Alpages

To sample something truly characteristic of the region, you should visit the specialist cheese shop Fromagerie des Alpages on day one. Here you can have a taste of fondue and taste some delights of a region which is known globally for its cheeses. The shop is just a few hundred metres from the Parc Paul Mistral, where you can then take a stroll.

Day Two

Take a day to visit the slopes

Everyone knows that Grenoble is famed for its ski-slopes, so whether you’re an experienced snowboarder or a total novice at balancing on a set of skis, take an entire day to really explore the slopes.

French Alps

Anyone with a passion for winter sports will be utterly at home here, while even the inexperienced will be able to appreciate the remarkable scenery of the mountains. There are several resorts to choose from, so you’ll have to narrow down the options because you’re spoiled for choice!

Day Three

Fort dé la Bastille

The Fort dé la Bastille was an important military structure used to help defend this region of France from the Duchy of Savoy in the early 19th Century. To reach the fort you’ll be whisked up in oddly bubble shaped cable cars, giving you a grand view of Grenoble city and the mountains beyond. Once at the Fort you can visit the ramparts, dungeons and fortified walls of a military structure which was strategically crucial in its day.


With the historical sight-seeing out of the way you can cut loose and wander just down the way to the Acrobastille, one of Grenoble’s many adventure parks. This is where you can fly down 300 metres of zip-line, jump over and around the acrobatic courses and even strap-in for a virtual journey through caverns and underground labyrinths. Definitely one to keep the kids interested (or just to unleash your own inner child).

Day Four

Musée Dauphinois

Back down in the city, the Musée Dauphinois offers a totally different experience to the Musée de Grenoble, focusing instead on crafts and cultures rather than artistic pieces. Having visited the slopes earlier in the week, you’ll be interested to know more about the history of skiing which is unveiled within the museum, as well as the Dauphiné region and its idiosyncrasies also brought to life here.


Bachelard is also known as Champs Elysées’ Park is situated quite centrally in Grenoble, making it an easy venture from anywhere in the city. A haven for both family days out and romantic couples, the Park is greatly cared for due to its legacy of lying on the lands of the aristocracy in centuries past.

Day Five

Pôle Sud

At just €6 for adults and €3 for children, the Pôle Sud ice rink is excellent value for money. The rink is huge, with room for over 1200 skaters, and can be found at the end of Avenue Salvador Allende. Much like the slopes, you should feel happy here whether you’re an experienced skater or totally new to having blades under your shoes.

Finish with a hike of your own choosing

Finally, take some time for yourself and embark upon one of Grenoble’s many hiking routes. The Cirque St Even takes you on a trip through the forests to discover waterfall hideaways, whereas ‘The Burning Fountain’, one of the seven wonders of Dauphiné, is found by heading up past Bayanne.

Those are just two of many routes you can choose from, but wherever you go you’ll leave Grenoble with a real appreciation for the surrounding countryside as well the city itself.