Top Best Beaches in Cape Verde, Sal with Local Advice + Video Tour

Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Cape Verde is home to some of the best beaches in the world, each of which has their own character. We’ve put together a few below, so that you can investigate the entire archipelago for the beaches which are right for you.

Cape Verde’s Best Beaches

Santa Maria beach in Sal

Sal is the main venue for tourists in Cape Verde, and Santa Maria beach is a real hotspot. So, if you’re happy to join the crowds in a bit of sunbathing, this is the venue for you.

Located within easy reach of the town of Sal, and hence right on the doorstep of your hotel, this is also the best venue to base yourself at if you wish to book boat trips to any of the other islands in the archipelago during your trip.

The beaches of Boa Vista

If you’re the energetic, sporty type then the beaches of Boa Vista are where you want to be. This is where anyone with an interest in windsurfing or diving goes to get their fix of sun, sand and waves.

Boa Vista Beach

Boa Vista has some of the most expansive beaches in Cape Verde, one of over 11 miles (Curralinho), so there’s no excuse for not finding a bit of space all for yourself. The beaches here also offer excellent panoramic views of the Monte de Santo Antonio mountains for those who just want some fantastic scenery in their eye-line as they relax.

In the nearby capital of Sal Rei, you can mingle with a slightly more authentic feel of Cape Verde than the tourist heavy Santa Maria (above), and are able to tour the old boatyard and harbour key to understand a bit more about the history of the island.

The Black Sand beach at Tarrafal

The black sands of Tarrafal sound like something out of a fantasy, and indeed there is an element of fantasy in the mythology of the black sands, which are reputed in local legend to have healing and restorative powers. Feeling tired? Cover yourself in the black sand and feel the strength return to your limbs.


This is also the place to be if you’re a lover of seafood, as Tarrafal is the fishing capital of Cape Verde with tuna, swordfish and blue marlin all on the menu at the local restaurants just down the way.

Sao Vicente Island beaches

Sao Vicente Island is the place to go for a bit of everything; the sporty types can surf the waves in the Calhau area in the southeast of the island, which is an internationally renowned venue for elite surfers to visit.

On the other hand, those with younger children could consider Laginha where the swimming is a bit safer. Finally, the calmer crowd can visit Sao Pedro beach, and with any luck catch sight of rare sea turtles, endangered but common visitors to the beach themselves.

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