Best Towns and Resorts of Cyprus (Best Areas to Stay + Local Advice)

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Cyprus is a country with an extensive history and many cultural influences. This has resulted in a number of different regions which you may wish to consider exploring, all with their own identity to suit your travelling personality.

Ammochostos Region – the sun, sea and sand traveller

The Ammochostos region is home to the beaches of Agia Napia, where you can lounge all day or satisfy your curiosity of the deep with some scuba-diving. For those times when you want to branch out from the beaches of white-gold sand, you can take a cruise along the coast or head to Cape Gkrecko to the east, where you’ll find sea caves and stunning views from the cliff tops within the national forestry park.

Agia Napa, Cyprus
Agia Napa, Cyprus

Larnaka Region – the artistic traveler

For those with an interest in art, particularly that of centuries past, Larnaka in the south-east of Cyprus is the region for you. Leonardo da Vinci himself is reputed to have visited the region, perhaps inspired by the Byzantine art and 6th Century mosaic located here.

Art is found in other forms as well, with the “lefkaritika” style of lace, unique to this part of the world laying testament to the area’s production of handicraft. Monasteries and churches dot the region as well, with their own artistic styles mixed from their Islamic and Christian heritages.


Pafos Region – the historical traveler

Pafos (also written as Paphos) is a region of incredible history and mythology, ranging from the Tombs of the Kings to the reputed birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. You’ll find many scholars of archaeology flocking to the region, abundant as it is with the evidence of cultures from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottomans.

The town of Paphos itself is a quaint harbour surrounded by lush green countryside, with a wine-tour of the villages and views out over the peninsula near Coral Bay not too far away.

tombs of the kings cyprus
Tombs of the Kings, Cyprus

Troodos Region – the spectacular traveler

If you want to take in the stunning views of Cyprus, there’s no place better than the Troodos region, home of the Troodos Mountains. Situated virtually centrally on the island, the mountains allow travelers to spin 360 degrees and glance out over its entirety.

The walk through the mountains is smattered with colorful flora and fauna, and allows travelers to take a look into village life on the island, with several locals living in the area among their vineyards, orchards and forests, home to some of Cyprus’ most interesting wildlife such as eagles and hoopoe.

Troodos Mountains

Lefkosia Region – the traveler who wants it all

Lefkosia is situated centrally in Cyprus, including its capital, Nicosea. The capital is itself divided between Greek and Turkish cultures to the north and south, and as such is a curious, unique mix of both. Surrounding the city is rolling countryside leading to the Troodos Mountains (above) and the historical cities of Tamassos and Idalion.

For the traveler who wants a mixture of sun, culture, mountain walks and historical interest, the Lefkosia region is the best place to base yourself in.

Holy Cross Catholic Church. Nicosia, Cyprus
Holy Cross Catholic Church. Nicosia, Cyprus