Top 4 Best Places to Eat in Geneva with Local Advice

Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Geneva might be more formally recognized as home to the UNO, but Switzerland’s second largest city has much to offer beyond its significance as hub to international communications. A City of Culture and often referred to as the city of parks, for its high percentage of green space, it is a destination filled with international gravitas and natural splendor.

Geneva is home to a range of wonderful dining spots too and a great place for older couples with time to travel. We’ve picked a few to whet the taste buds, from burger joint to classic cuisine; here are three to try on a business or recreational trip.

Lake Geneva1 1024x662
Lake Geneva1 1024×662

Le Reservoir

This burgeoning burger joint in Geneva is a stripped-down affair with the menu serving the three fundamentals: burger, cheese burger and bacon cheeseburger. Keeping the choices simple means this eatery can pride itself on offering fantastically high quality meat.

Everything is cooked medium-rare, so expect a melt-in-the-mouth experience. It allegedly began as a food truck, touting its burgers to passers-by.  It continues to do this, which somehow only adds to the rustic charm of Le Reservoir. One for meat-eaters to really enjoy and get their teeth stuck into.

Café des Négocians

In a lovely pocket of Geneva, Carouge, Café des Négocians welcomes diners to its inviting bistro haven.  Found on a corner on Carouge’s Italiante streets it has a beautiful interior that reflects its location: a mix of plush, upmarket decor with a chilled atmosphere.

Diners will enjoy the ambience brought by the pulled-back distressed windows that reveal old brickwork, cool posters and the canopied terrace which gives this place a distinctive personality – the menu is full of character too. Expect French classics like frogs legs, snails and veal,  and treat yourself to wine from the real wine cellar downstairs.

Café des Bains

This is a really fun and funky little find. Visitors will love walking in to an exhibition of modern art – one of the owners comes from art collecting family and it shows throughout the interesting and lively decor.

It’s positioned in Geneva’s’ hip and happening hood , Bains, which attracts an arty crowd and seems to impact on a menu vibrant with ideas. The food complements the vibe so expect yummy curry alongside a more traditional dessert menu that is usually filled with Swiss treats.

In addition to eating, there are sweet spots to drink and sip coffee. To enjoy the city in slow, laid-back style, a trip to one of its coffee shops is a must.

Boréal Coffee

Boréal Coffee serves much of the expatriate crowd with delicious, roasted coffee beans.  For winter drinks, the Parc des Bastions, offers its customers life-size chess games and red wine –the perfect accompaniment to a meditative heart-to-heart on holiday.