Nightlife in Cancun, Mexico (Guide with Hot Spots, Bars, Clubs, Venues)

Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Here you can read our insider guide to best clubbing and nightlife experience in Cancun, Mexico, including top clubs, bars, districts, neighborhoods and streets. Cancun, located in south-eastern Mexico, on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Pensinsula, is a world-renowned destination for travelers seeking a nightlife that’s worth writing a postcard home about! Cancun is split into different centers, or zones, and the two best known are the Hotel Zone and Party Zone. After all, the two go hand-in-hand.

Cancun serves up parties like no other destination. It might just be time to rethink your definition of party before you come here because, and consider this a warning, the party literally never stops! Cancun is a very friendly city and even after the clubs close people are on the streets socializing, indulging in street food and looking for that night’s revelries.

Best Nightlife Zones in Cancun

Cancun’s Party Zone is full of fun; there’s shopping malls, beautiful plazas – including popular Plaza El Zocalo and Plaza el Parin – and flea markets full of great souvenirs. Not to mention all the restaurants and cafes.

Tip: Don’t eat in the clubs. A lot of them will serve up food but it’s often expensive and not of the highest quality – stick to dining in the restaurants.

Best Clubs in Cancun

There really is something for everyone in Cancun so whether you’re a solo traveller or visiting in the group, you are guaranteed a good time. It’s important to do your homework though, what kind of music are you after? Most of the Cancun clubs will have live music and DJs.

Coco Bongo

Congo Bongo is one of the most popular clubs in Cancun for good reason: the music. It varies from night to night so it’s more than likely that you’ll find one or two nights that suit you. Live bands regularly hit the stage, from 70s and 80s themed nights to salsa. Expect big name impersonators from the likes of Michael Jackson to Madonna. And when you can’t find a space to shake your best moves, just jump on the tables…

Coco Bongo

Tip: If you’re in a group and are after some fast drinks service, book a table in the seating area in advance.


Mandela is beautiful so if its great décor that you’re after (Indian-style) then make this nightclub you’re first stop. As soon as you step inside you’re hit by vibrant colour, rich fabrics and ornate furnishings.

You’ll feel spectacularly VIP as you wander around this fancy club. The best part is that its open air, so it runs right onto the street. This is one of Cancun’s hottest nightclubs for atmosphere and the drinks menu is extensive. Don’t miss out.

Tip: Order bottle service so you’re not waiting in queues to be served

Best Bars in Cancun

Most of the bars in Cancun close around 1am or 2am, so definitely hours before most clubs. With most bars in Cancun you can either pay by the drink or buy an open bar package which could cost anything from $20 – $40. Usually party seekers frequent a couple of the Cancun bars before heading to the clubs.


Señor Frogs

You can find Señor Frogs throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and the United States. Mexican-themed (which is apt when in Cancun), these bars are infamous. Often raucous and packed to the brim with party goers, the phrase ‘what happens in Señor Frogs stays in Señor Frogs’ is very true – it gets crazy.

Tip: The food at Señor Frogs is good – choose off the grill menu for a pre night out banquet.

Carlos’n Charlie’s

Carlos’n Charlie’s is really casual and the chain can be found throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. The bar is perfect for those after a bit of a quieter night before either heading to a club or staying to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere.

The food is heavily influenced by America but has a fresh Mexican twist, so expect seafood, salads and tacos. This is a family friendly joint but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun; the patrons often jump onto the chairs to sing and dance. Once it gets a bit later on in the evening, you can be sure to find yourself singing on the chairs too!

Tip: This is a great place for solo travellers to spend some time in if you’re feeling a bit shy about entering the noisier bars – the staff will take you under your wing and you’ll leave with 10 new friends.