Barbados for Couples (Top Things to Do & See + Advice)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Here you can find our traveler information and guide on Barbados for couples, including top things to do and see for couple in this Caribbean island with the romantic itinerary for your Barbados trip, tips.

Fancy a little romance? Get loved up in Barbados

This Caribbean island packs serious pulling power. The various stunning beaches, incredible vistas and gorgeous weather are just a few of the reasons why Barbados is so popular with travelers. Those who might be seeking experiences of the romantic persuasion, lean in so we can whisper sweet recommendations into your ear.

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Experience a sunset on the Barbados Boardwalk

Nothing says romance like a sunset and here’s a hot tip – the view from the Barbados Boardwalk (located in Hastings) is one of the best in the world. The Boardwalk is set away from the busier beaches so you’ll have plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy the view.

There are also plenty of good restaurants beside the ocean, so it’s a good idea to there early – about 5.30pm – and have a delicious meal while watching the tropical sun disappear.

Need a restaurant? There is a great restaurant called Tapas on the Hasting’s main road that serves authentic Spanish cuisine. The wine list is extensive too.

Eat food you’ll remember forever

Like most of the islands in the Caribbean, Barbados benefits from its cultural diversity. There are heavy African, Indian, British and Asian influences which are all present in Bajan food.

Barbados’ national dish is cou-cou (corn meal and okra) and flying fish, and other items you’ll see on the local menus will include cassava, fish (popular catches are kingfish, swordfish and marlin), tamarind and souse (pickled pork.)

There are plenty of excellent restaurants offering an impressive range of dishes, from pan-Asian to European so there are plenty of romantic dining options. However, the food sold by Bajan street vendors will create the best memories.

Where should you go? Head to the town Oistins and experience a famous Friday Night Fish Fry. The whole town turns into a market stall where you can eat delicious fried fish. There’s always live music and the older Bajans are the first ones to start dancing! It makes an unforgettable night.

Your definition of ‘beach’ will change

Time to mention the beaches. Barbados has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and boasts a selection of surf beaches and sheltered bays.

Romantic spots can be found in the calm beaches further towards the western coastline. Prepare to rethink your idea of what a beach can look like! White sand and crystal blue water, dotted with palm trees, look hazy in the sun. Lie back and enjoy the view…

Which beach should you try first? Carlisle Bay is one of the quieter beaches and also happens to be one of the best snorkeling spots if you fancy a dip in the sea to cool off from the sun.

Discover breath-taking scenery

Romance comes in many disguises. Barbados is an island blessed with spectacular and unspoilt views which are well worth the trip out to experience. If you’re looking for some couple time, the north and east coasts are a lot calmer and you’ll feel like you’re in a different world, completely away from the main tourist resorts.

If you’ve got time and are the exploring types then it’s worth hiring a car and driving across the island. Make sure you stop at the many cafes and restaurants along the way so you get the full Barbados experience.

Where you can see some plantations? These are a must-see and are easily accessible for couples after picturesque scenery. Head to the countryside in the very centre of the island; think rolling hills, beautiful flowers and it’s also here that you’ll find sugar cane plantations.