Top 10 Best Romantic Restaurants in Almeria + Advice

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Here you can find our pick of top 10 best the most romantic restaurants in Almeria, including what to expect to have a romantic dinner in these places, their locations. Almeria is situated in Andalucia in Spain. Rustic and beautiful, the city is very different to even the other cities in the south of Spain like Seville and Granada.

Almeria has its own character and personality, you might say it’s slightly rough-around-the-edges, and it has a lazy, very 60s feel. A top spot for those looking for a romantic getaway, Almeria is influenced by the Arabs and Moors and a lot of the food here will reflect this. Here’s what you can look forward to.

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Almeria Resturants E1464016925435

1. La Montana, El Campico, Bedar, Almeria

Owned and run by a married couple since 2010, La Montana is a charming restaurant that will offer couples a real taste of Almeria. The setting itself is romance personified; positioned between two picturesque villages, Bedar and Lubrin on a high altitude, couples can enjoy the cool air on the terrace.

The food served is affordable and a very modern take on southern Spanish cuisine. Expect gazpacho, perfectly cooked cuts of meat and beautiful salads. If you’re after some live music, visit the restaurant on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

2. San Rocco, Avenue Playa Serena

Known locally for its fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the ambience at San Rocco is perfect for couples looking for a friendly and traditional Spanish experience. Despite the plethora of Spanish dishes available on the menu, this restaurant is especially good at the more Italian-style of food. People travel from all around to taste their pizzas! Check out some reviews here.

3. Taberna Vasca, La Casa Puga Taberna

If you want to experience a truly Spanish dining experience then head over to Taberna Vasca. While it might look simple on both the inside and the outside – like a lot of great Spanish restaurants certainly in the south of Spain – the owners let their food do the talking. The food here is imaginative and the wine list is extensive.

4. Teteria Almedina, Calle Paz

This delightful restaurant is run by a group of people dedicated to restoring the old part of Almeria. The restaurant also doubles as an Islamic cultural center and the food is a very tasty reflection of Andalucía’s cultural influences. Expect a great range of teas and Indian-style sweets and desserts. There’s also a Moroccan feel here, so couscous is aplenty!

5. Lamara, Calle San Francisco de Asis

If you want to infuse your trip with a bit trendiness, Lamara will give you just that. This used to be a small jamon (ham) shop and since then it has become quite a quirky deli and also a brilliant tapas bar. The produce is top quality and the interiors are great – very modern and trendy.

6. Café Colon, Plaza Marques de Heredia

Plaza Marques de Heredia is a recently renovated square that enjoys its fair share of sunshine and is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon. Café Colon is a popular café that sits right in the center of the plaza and they serve delicious snacks that people enjoying the sun with a drink or so will want: churros con chocolat, calamari, tortilla de patata and plates of jamon.

7. La Casa Puga, Calle Jovellanos

Some say that this is the best tapas place in Almeria. If you enjoy going for tapas then La Casa Puga has to make its way onto your itinerary. It’s best to get here early as it can get crowded. The whole bar is full with jamon hanging from the ceiling and there’s a very old-style Spanish feeling here. The waiters are great but the food is exquisite. Order a drink and enjoy the ‘tapa’ that comes with it.

8. Las Botas Bodega, Fructuoso Pere Sreet

For couples after a little bit of peace of quiet, this is the perfect dining location. All the food is homemade and the whole restaurant is decorated with pictures of bullfights and other very old, but Spanish memorabilia! Wholesome and fun, a lovely place for a quiet night.

9. El Quinto Toro, Calle de los Reyes Catolicos

Built in 1947, El Quinto Toro is family run and is onto its third generation owner. Very friendly, this restaurant is something of a local institution as its very popular with the residents who live nearby. Authentic tapas is served here with nod to old-style creations.

10. Salamantic, Costa Balear

The popular restaurant serves an incredibly varied menu, which is strange for an authentic Spanish restaurant! The food is Castilian through and through, so expect takes on traditional Spanish dishes. The meat here is excellent and all locally sourced.