Top 7 Essential Dishes You Should Try in Miami + Local Advice

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

The beauty of Miami, aside from its skyline, fantastic weather and beaches, is in its food. The city and region surrounding it has welcomed travelers from all over the world throughout its history, from European travelers to those from the Caribbean. These dishes aren’t just something to fill that hole in your stomach – they’re an expression of Miami’s diverse population and their cultures.

Stone Crab and Mustard Sauce

Head over to Joe’s Stone Crab for possibly the best crab dish in the city, and it all comes from the sauce. The more adventurous can even take advantage of Joe’s generosity and try making the dish at home: the recipe is handed out on a recipe card, so all you need do is ask and you can have this simple, delicious mix on any seafood any time you want.


Florida stone crabs

Huevos Bulla

Messy, pungent and delicious, Huevos Bulla (pronounced ‘boo-ya’) is a mix of Serrano ham, potato foam, truffle oil and jumbo egg, all set on a base of homemade potato chips. It’s a mass of flavours on one plate, and can be found at Bulla Gastrobar. One for brunch.

Supermoon Perro

The most famous dish on our list, having featured in an episode of Man vs Food. If you’re in the mood for a hot dog, you can’t go wrong with this Colombian experience of smoked sausage bacon and quail egg, mixed with La Moon restaurant’s cheese and five different sauces.

The Cuban Sandwich

No list on iconic dishes in Miami would be complete without highlighting something hailing from Cuba, and we have exactly that in the Cuban Sandwich at Versailles. Fresh-baked Cuban bread surrounds bolo ham glazed in brown sugar, cloves and pineapple juice, Swiss cheese and marinated slow pork, all topped with yellow mustard and pickle chips. This turns the simple act of making a sandwich into an art form.

Gator Tail

It’s unlikely that you’ll find the restaurant attached to the airboat tour venue on many best-places to eat lists, but Coopertown Airboats is one of the best places in Miami if you want to be adventurous and sample some gator tail. Gator is certainly a taste which has to be tried rather than described, and you’d struggle to get anything more distinctly associated with Miami.

Buffalo Tenderloin

Don’t let Meat Market’s name put you off, as it’s much more than a meat-stall; it’s a decadent restaurant with several in-house created dishes, perhaps the most iconic of which is the Buffalo Tenderloin. As if those two words alone weren’t enough to whet your appetite, the chilli and espresso rub with chocolate more butter topping really highlights the sexy, glamorous take on the traditional steak house which Meat Market is going for.

Beet Salad

We haven’t forgotten about the vegetarians among you, and frankly anyone visiting Miami should try the Beet Salad at Michael’s Genuine. Created by restaurant owner and award winning chef Michael Schwarz, the salad is a combination of beets, quinoa, shaved red onion, kalamata olives, mint, and pistachios, yogurt dressing. That’s more than enough to turn any meat-eating friends into veggies, too (at least for the afternoon).