Top 5 Off the Beaten Track Attractions in Burgas + Local Advice

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Burgas is a city located on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast. It became a real tourist attraction at the turn of the 20th century, mainly due to its rugged natural attractions, mild weather and surrounding lakes. Perfect for those looking for a holiday that allows you to explore as much nature as possible, going off the beaten track in Burgas is certainly the way forward. You’ll get to discover a whole lot more about this historic city and take in some incredibly picturesque sights.

1. Ethnographical Museum

Not many people will know about this museum and is the perfect venue if you’re interested in fashion. It is located in the Brakalov House next to Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral. The first floor is done up in the style of a 19th century Bulgarian house and depicts women’s fashions from the same period.

Sunset over bay of firth of Ropotamo River

The second floor showcases a large and really quite impressive collection of traditional Bulgarian costumes from every ethnic group that ever settled in Burgas. There’s costumes from the Ruptsi (from the Vidin and Pleven regions); the Tronki (from Strandzha); the Zagortsi (from the Burgas, Dobrich, and Sliven regions) and the Planintsi. The museum also displays festival costumes and authentic wedding clothes.

2. Mud Baths

This ‘free spa’ is situated on the coast of Burgas and comprises salt basins that used to be used in industrial times. One of these basins has pink water so thick it’s like floating in the Dead Sea! Not many people come here but those who do will be interested in the salt and mineral properties of basins and nearby mud baths.

The thick black mud is tipped to be excellent for your skin, joints and organs. Ease yourself into the mud pools and then wash it away (once dry) in the nearby sea.

3. Sinemoretz

This is a small village located about 100km south of Burgas and translates to “place on the blue sea.” A seaside resort, very close to Turkey’s border, the river Veleka flows from here into the sea. This is a great spot if you’re looking for quieter beaches and lots of natural attractions.

Rock formation "The ships" near Sinemoretz, Bulgaria
Rock formation “The ships” near Sinemoretz, Bulgaria

The river separates the village from its surroundings where there are lush hills and woodlands. Take a moment to bathe in the river and sprawl on the beach. There’s no one watching!

4. Ropotamo River

This impressive river flows into the sea about 50km south of Burgas. It runs through a protected area of Burgas called Arkutino and you’re looking for an adventure, take a boat trip out down the river and onto the Black Sea.

River Ropotamo
River Ropotamo reserve Bulgaria

There’s only one way to get to the Black Sea from the river and that’s through a deep, dark forest. The forest is still, calm and unforgettable. Once you get to the Black Sea you will see the rock formation nicknamed The Lions Head.

5. The Flora

A flower festival held annually since 1985, The Flora takes place on the pavilions of the Sea Garden near Burgas’ North Beach. Usually held between April and May, it’s certainly worth timing your trip to coincide with this floral fest.

Burgas coast

The festival’s motto in ‘nature-human-harmony – and you can enjoy the many different types of flowers here while marvelling at the picturesque setting. There are lots of rare flowers and plants displayed here, so green fingers at the ready!