Top 10 Best Restaurants in Naples + Advice

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Here you can find our insider guide on top best restaurants in Naples, Italy, including what to expect from your visit, top dishes. Naples is a culinary colossus. The cafes and restaurants produce the best pizza, pasta and coffee.


If you love seafood and classic Mediterranean cuisine with an even fresher twist, then a trip to Italy’s third largest city will surely sate your taste buds.

Best Restaurants in Naples

1. Palazzo Petrucci, Plazza San Domenico Maggiore

This beautiful restaurant offers the very best of Naples’ cultural heritage, feeding its guests the freshest dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Expect local dishes (particularly seafood) served with a touch of class.

2. Sorbillo, Via del Tribunal

Naples definitely serves the best pizza in Italy. Located in the city centre, Sorbillo takes the top spot, cooking up pizza like you’ve never tasted before. The menu ranges from simple pizzas to very glamorous ones. Be warned, there’s often a queue, but it’s well worth the wait!

3. Il Transatlantico, Via Luculliana

This restaurant is located at the foot of Castel Dell’Ovo, one of Naples’ oldest castles. A meal here means you’ve got perfect location, and the restaurant itself is very elegant. The dining area reflects the menu: perfect seafood and cuts of meat. (A great romantic spot for views of the sea.)

4. Da Cicciotto, Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro

Another great location, this restaurant is located on top of a cliff in fishing village Marechiaro. If you love Italian food, this is the place to head to as it doesn’t get much more authentic. Often serving up carpaccio and antipasto, local seafood and fantastic salads, you’ll leave wanting more.

5. Pintauro, Via Toledo

La dolce vita! Life doesn’t get much sweeter than Pintauro, a lovely restaurant located in the cosy part of Naples. Known for its sweets, try the sfogliatella, which they’ve been selling since the early 1800s.


6. Trattoria Mangia e Bevi, Via Sedile di Porto

If you decide to visit Naples, please make Trattoria top of your itinerary. Seriously affordable, this establishment serves up family-run fare. The menu changes daily and you’ll see everyone from all walks of life in here. True Italian cuisine, expect delicious and locally sourced salsiccia and peperonicino.

7. Ciro a Margellina, Via Mergellina

A picturesque setting for a quite a picturesque restaurant. Located in the Mergellina neighborhood, you’ll love the panoramic view of the sea and you will also be able to see Mount Vesuvius in the distance! The menu here is succulent and completely fresh. The swordfish, lobster and various shellfish are all excellent.


8. Gay Odin, Vico Vetriera

Founded in the 1800s by Isidoro Odin, this patisserie is part of Naples’ culture. Specialising in chocolate manufacturing, Gay Odin is the master of confectionery. Everything is handmade with expertise. Try the cakes, sweets, pralines and pasties. Gay Odin’s speciality are the Foreste: chunks of chocolate made to look like tree logs. You can’t just have one!

9. Friggitora Vomero, Via Domenico Cimarosa

Time for some classic street food. Naples has had a long relationship with fried quick bites. While they may not be particularly healthy, they are delicious. Friggitora Vomero serves up classic street food like deep fried courgette flowers, calzoni and croquettes. They come in a takeaway paper cone and fork – the perfect snack for busy sightseers.

10. Da Giona, Via Dragonara

A fantastic restaurant located by the sea, Da Giona serves up mouth-watering cuisine as well spectacular views of the nearby bays. Specializing in seafood – but mainly shellfish – the pasta menu is vast and superb in quality. The menu is traditional Italian, think spaghetti alle vongole, tubettoni alla Giona and risotto alla pescatora.